Caring for Cora is becoming Cora Cares!

Our family has decided to honor Cora and keep her memory alive by supporting one of Cora’s favorite things… Going to Kindergarten! Cora loved school so much and she received tremendous love and support from her Kindergarten teachers, we have decided to donate school supplies for one of the incoming kindergarten classes next year. If you would like to help us please make a paypal donation from this website. Money raised will be donated to the school supply purchase, anything given over that amount will be donated to the school library. Thank you for all your love and support!

Cora’s obituary

Cora Mae Grinsel age 5, passed away at home in Edina on December 28, 2014 comforted by her mother and father. Cora was born in Waukesha, WI on April 25, 2009 during a thunderstorm that bespoke her unique personality. She was a passionate, protective, fearless, and loyal child. Defender of her big brother and her dog. Mommy to countless stuffed animals and dolls. A true example of strength to her family and all who met her. Cora was a wonderful daughter, sister, and best friend. Survived by her parents, Jeffrey and Danielle Grinsel; brother Oliver; grandparents James and Diane Grinsel and Salvatore and Patricia Corrao. Memorial service will be held Monday January 5th at 2 PM at Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1200 Marquette Avenue, Minneapolis, reception to follow. Internment Tuesday January 6th at 10 AM at Lakewood Cemetery, 3600 Hennepin Avenue South, Minneapolis.

11 June, 2014 09:34

Cora was scheduled for MIBG last week in Madison, but it was cancelled due to a manufacturer strike in Quebec. Agghh, so now she is set to begin MIBG today at the U of M, wish us luck.

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17 May, 2014 09:58

Cora had scans this week. The cancer has progressed. She still has the large tumor in her left femur. Now she also has new tumor in her right leg, hips, shoulders, and a new mass in her abdomen. Her cancer has become resistant to chemo. She has a few treatments options left, the goal of treatment is to give her as much pain free time as possible. The next step will likely be MIBG therapy in Madison. MIBG is a special type of radiation that has about a 30-40% response rate. She will need to be isolated by herself in a lead lined room for up to 5 days. We appreciate all your prayers and support. For now we are living for today and she had been feeling really well. Laughing and running around like the little spitfire she is.

Happy 5th Birthday Cora!

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Cora has started a trial that combines chemo with an investigational anti-parasitic drug. She will be splitting time between Children’s Hospital of Minneapolis and Helen DeVos children’s hospital in Grand Rapids MI. In about two weeks we will begin to have an idea if this treatment is shrinking the cancer. Thanks for all your well wishes.

Terrible news

Yesterday we found out that Cora has relapsed. Not sure yet to what extent, but her doctors are not hopeful. The only treatment options now are clinical trails, which we are investigating and will be deciding soon where to continue treatment. She feels really good, except knee pain. SO SUCK IT CANCER, we are going to gymnastics class and preschool.

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