Chemo Delayed

Cora went in to start her fourth round of chemo today. Her counts were not high enough, so we will try again next week.

TV interview 10 pm channel 4 tonight

Be sure to watch!

Puke Galore

Cora has been puking for 48 hours. Looks like we will be back in clinic for fluids tomorrow.

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Round 3

Cora starts round 3 of chemo tomorrow. This chemo can cause hearing loss, so we are nervous. Her doctor says, “she can live with hearing aides, but she can’t live with neuroblastoma.”

And it keeps on coming

The preliminary marrow results show NO DISEASE REMAINING IN THE BONE MARROW! If the final results do show positive for disease it should be a minimal amount. Best week we have had in months!

Big Bertha

Cora attached to the stem cell harvest machine.

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Long day, GREAT news

Cora had a follow up ct scan and bone marrow aspiration today. The tumor
is starting to shrink and the marrow is looking better!

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Improved Blood Count and a Steady Influx of Tacos.

Good news today. Cora’s blood counts are improving and we should be all set for her stem cell harvest next week! Also, we have been to Taco Bell every day this week, she is averaging 5 tacos a day. Apparently she thinks she is a teenage boy!

Update: Fiery Mood, Fiery Appetite.

Cora woke up in a fiery mood today. There has been lots of screaming and she has been demanding that I take her to TacoBell since 7 AM!


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