Only Cora

Cora had to decorate her feeding tube with stickers. Because ” I need to look pretty!”

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  1. Pat Corrao
    Feb 23, 2013 @ 23:45:21

    Our beautiful Cora and her amazing spirit continues to inspire us.

    What she has had to endure these past 6 months would have taken a strong grown man down but she continues to get up each day not always with a smile but with the most amazing spirit to enjoy the day, play dress up, play dolls, and she is known as the “diva of the floor.” God has blessed us all with her life, please continue to pray for her healing and a safe stell cell transplant and a easier week.
    We are blessed to have all of you as family and friends.
    Love Nana


  2. Sandy rice
    Feb 24, 2013 @ 07:18:59

    Cora is an inspiration to all of us. ….she so reminds me of Gramma Tardi who we know is also watching over Cora. We continue to pray for Cora and all of you ….I cannot imagine what you are all going thru since last August. Love and prayers always …Aunt Sandy ….Know we are all here you. I am happy to hear she is the diva on the floor …..her amazing strength, courage and spirit is an inspiration to all of us.


  3. Diane Grinsel
    Feb 24, 2013 @ 12:19:46

    Cora, you are so pretty, even without the stickers.. We are so glad that this is your last day of chemo and we pray that it is going well. Yeah, Cora. You are such a trooper, so brave and strong. We send lots of love to you and your mommy and daddy and your brother Oliver. You are all so admired and loved for the courage and strength you have shown. We are praying for a successful transplant tomorrow and an easier week ahead.

    Love, Grammy and Buda


  4. laurie ballou
    Feb 24, 2013 @ 22:20:04

    Cora is always in my thoughts and prayers . Hope all goes well :)


  5. Gerald
    Feb 25, 2013 @ 09:01:32

    You are all still in my thoughts and prayers. Cora continues to impress me with her strength. Not just physical, but strength of character as well.

    The love she feels will certainly pull her through this darkest of times.


  6. Dasha
    Feb 28, 2013 @ 20:39:23

    We are always praying for you Cora, you are a real inspiration!


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